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Think order and delivery; think BrownBag. Think e-commerce solutions; think BrownBag.
BrownBag is not a medium for sales return or exchanges and such requests, except to those that are subject to the applicability of the this Shopper Protection Program, must be coursed directly to the vendor.

If you want to cancel your order, you should contact the Seller so the Seller can cancel it from his/her list of orders.

Brownbag will recoup and refund the Shopper only for transactions that fall under the following category:

1. The item was ordered from an Accredited Vendor / Business. Check the badge     beside the Seller’s product or name.

2. The item was paid using Brownbag’s payment gateway and not offline. Payments transacted through Paypal should be claimed directly from at Paypal Resolution Center.

3. The Item was not received or it was received but clearly differs from the description online. Claim should start 10-45 days from the earliest possible shipment date.

Reimbursement Guidelines:

1. Shopper should try to have an amicable settlement with the seller before any claims from Brownbag. You must send the seller a message and include the URL of the message in the claims form or you can email the seller and wait for a reply.

2. If the seller did not reply properly to your complaint, you will then submit an email claim to, stating the conditions why you are asking for the refund. Please include all proofs of attempts to make an amicable settlement. If the product was received but was not in good condition, include a picture of the item when received.

You may start making this claim on the 10th day after the item was shipped up to the 45th day only.

3. Brownbag will contact the Seller and inform him/her about your complaint through every possible means available. At this stage there will be several scenarios that may arise:

a. Seller willingly communicates with you and gives you a full refund. If this has satisfied you, you should proceed to closing the case.

b. Seller may replace the item. If this has satisfied you, you should proceed to closing the case.

c. Seller replies that he/she has not received your payment. You then should provide details and proof of your payment.

d. Seller says he/she has already shipped the item. Seller should then provide you with the shipping details and proof.

4. If the claim has been met and fulfilled, the buyer should close the case. If the Seller refuses to cooperate, the Buyer can close the case and report the Seller in Brownbag’s Security Center. Brownbag shall lock the account of the Seller and will confirm his/her inclusion in Security Center.

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