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Think order and delivery; think BrownBag. Think e-commerce solutions; think BrownBag.
BrownBag - About Us
BrownBag is the latest project of HTech Corporation. Putting together years of experience in IT and e-commerce technology, web and software development, network infrastructure, and expert marketing management skills, we have created this site to allow everyone to create their online business easily.

BrownBag makes it effortless for small, medium and large companies to sell their products and services online and build their brand without hiring highly-paid IT developers or designers. We firmly believe that the strongest solutions are the ones that are simple and affordable…if not free!

What we provide:

Our website is divided into the following parts:

1. Directory

Provides a list of business & supplier contact information, business description & directions on how to get to their office.


  • We have created a ranking system of consumer reactions to the company’s services so clients will have an idea of the clients credibility. This way, all of us will only receive the best service!

  • We will update our listing on a daily basis providing more and more companies and suppliers to choose from. We will cover all industries and won’t focus on the big players only.

  • Will provide not only phone numbers & addresses but also maps and feature articles for businesses and people in the Philippines. You may also rank the companies and recommend them if you please.

2. Shop & Sell : Online MarketPlace & Payment Gateway

BrownBag Shop & Sell is an online buy and sell, e-Commerce marketplace in the Philippines. It’s an online shopping venue where sellers can manage their own stores easily and where shoppers can purchase online with trust and confidence. It is built with the thought that people can purchase their needs online from a variety of suppliers and choices to increase their convenience in shopping. A ranking and feedback mechanism will check the credibility of both sellers and buyers.

Shop & Sell aims to revolutionize online shopping by providing the following:

  • Cost savings from doing away with gasoline, parking & eating when going to a mall.

  • Chance to compare different products & suppliers quickly and see their track record.

  • Pay online securely using you Paypal, credit card, atm account or G-Cash.

  • Eventually start your very own e-Commerce site with your personal domain with our DIY Website builder (see how – link to diy).

3. DIY e-Commerce Website

DIY Website will allow you to create your own website and get your very own domain. You can create a simple catalogue site or a complex eCommerce with shopping cart site in the comforts of your own home. Templates are available for you to choose a design that suits their business best.

You don’t need to hire an IT expert or a designer because the BrownBag team will guide you all the way.

Added Features:

  • With the DIY site, you can also have the capability to monitor your other branches and have a unified system for this.

  • You may also create business intelligence by learning the statistics of which of your products sell well at a specified season and which among your customers frequently view or buy from your site.

  • Moreover, you may have your own call center without going through the tedious and expensive task of starting one.

Our Goal:

BrownBag is the outcome of eight years of experience creating e-commerce and online ordering solutions for our own products. Since 2003, we've created several successful online stores and provided companies with IT systems and Internet connectivity.

With BrownBag, we have used all our knowledge and experience in creating online stores and software and online selling to design an e-commerce platform that is simple to manage. Our aim is to give you all the tools you need to sell your products online, collect payments and maintain an efficient system without investing in expensive IT people or programs.

We at BrownBag can provide you all these services at very affordable rates, while you concentrate on producing your products and making your business grow.


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