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Think order and delivery; think BrownBag. Think e-commerce solutions; think BrownBag.
BrownBag - Fees
Applicable transaction currency:
BrownBag's applicable transaction currency is the Philippine Peso (PhP). Items sold with a different currency should be converted to PhP before uploading in the site.


Posting an Item - Free. BrownBag will not charge you for any postings. We also don't charge anything if you sell your items. Charges may apply only if you used BrownBag's payment gateway.


Featured Item - P50.00

Put your products on top! Enjoy the following deals:

  1. Be one of Shop and Sell's featured items.
  2. Your item will also automatically show in the homepage of BrownBag.
  3. When a category is searched, your listing will be on the top. It will also show in the regular non-featured items list.

BrownBag has provided our users with an all-in-one payment solution. Below are the corresponding transaction fees for the service:

Set-Up Fee: FREE

Monthly Processing Fee: Waived

Credit Card Transaction Fees: 6% + P10.00 per every successful transaction

Gcash Transaction Fees: P30.00 for every successful transaction
Note: Sellers shall not create a disincentive for the use of credit card over other payment means. Samples of disincentive may be the imposition of surcharge or additional charge or payment on any sale over the listed price of the item except for reasonable charges for delivery or special or extra services to be provided; Seller are also not allowed to any minimum amount or any surcharge or additional charge on the use of a Card, allow any discount or rebate for the use of any other means of payment, or otherwise provide any disincentive for the use of a Card or any incentive for the use of any other means of payment.

Accredited Vendor - P300.00 per year
Accredited Business - P500.00 per year

See more details on getting ACCREDITED.

You can formalize your store and website and gain more respect by subscribing to BrownBag's Do-It-Yourself Website Creator. See PLANS AND PRICING.

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